img03Within the Thermowhey project, bio-based trays, jars, cups and blisters will be delivered. Solutions will present high deformation rates, stable thermoforming behaviour, good barrier properties and be produced consistently at semi-industrial scale meeting a real industrial need.

To improve the long term thermoformability of whey protein coated packaging, the ThermoWhey project will perform different modifications of the whey proteins, derived formulations as well as study any influence on subsequent stages of the process. The protein purification and modification processes will be established to an industrial level as well as the agglomeration of ready-to-use mixtures including all components in the coating formulations. The whey coating application will be scaled up industrially in line with thermoforming. The relationship between structure and properties driven by the process will be taken into account to maximise the coating barrier properties. Thermoforming process parameters and tools will be optimised. The performance of the thermoformed laminates with different structures will be tested for food applications. Several processes and products, fit to the demands of the thermoformed packaging market for the food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical sectors will be established.